Belgium – Ghent

Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for ART-Forum?

Mpact is operator of different sharing initiatives as well as a member of the Flemish Advisory board on Transport and the UITP Combined Mobility Platform. Other areas of work also focus on Multimodality/Connectivity, policy work, awareness building and innovation in the field of shared mobility and the sharing economy.

What is the main role in ART-Forum?

Mpact will conduct the ART dialogue with stakeholders/current partners such as the Flemish Advisory Board for Transport, users of own shared mobility services, Belgian public transport operators, MaaS platform, employers. Taxistop will collaborate with the UITP Combined Mobility Platform and work together and share knowledge with current programmes: G-PaTRA (rural transport) and H2020 Inclusion, to focus on accessibility. Mpact will work together with to co-organise events.

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