As a knowledge building project, a core activity will be communication and a strong emphasis on dissemination throughout the project.

  • Presentation of project activities and recommendations at events
  • Policy recommendations
  • Creation of Knowledge and Innovation Forums
  • Public Seminars on various aspects of ART

At several sites within the project, small pilot applications will be carried out.

  • Self-driving pilots at the sites
  • Evaluation of ART Pilot Tests
  • Development of Cities and Innovation Labs for ART
  • Development of digital driver’s licence for self-driving vehicles

In this WP the focus will be on the assessment of current developments and the scenario building with qualitative and quantitative methodologies that engage stakeholders.

  • Scenario Workshops
  • Scenario modelling of traffic impacts
  • Road Maps for ART Implementation
  • Feasibility studies to assess different areas

In this WP an interdisciplinary with a focus on the various opportunities as well as risks that ART poses for social and economic aspects.

  • Hackathons
  • Living Lab: ART Simulation with Citizens
  • Research on the user acceptance of ART

The research will be carried out to assess the potential to provide accessible public transport and providing access to shared autonomous vehicles and fairer mobility models.

  • Research on impact on ling-distance/regional transport access
  • Covering the effects of urban, surburban and rural areas
  • Assessment of impact on public space
ART-Forum: Diagram Reflection and Capacity Building