About ART-Forum

ART-Forum is an Interreg North Sea Region Project with 14 partners from six different countries and stands for Automated Road Transport Forum. ART-Forum will create a debating ground for local/regional authorities, address risks and opportunities and help guide policy development with regard to the impact that automated transport could have on the entire road transport system and life in cities and regions.

The technological development towards automated transport is fast. ART-Forum raises the voices for public authorities in the development of new framework settings for the technology of automated road transport. The project builds a guidance how to deal with these new technologies, particularly in their sustainable mobility plans, street design and regional development plans.

  • Raise awareness and capacity building among public stakeholders and planners
  • Develop policy recommendations that enable local and regional authorities to take advantage of the opportunities of automated road transport
  • Support sustainable transport and territorial development goals as well as improve quality of life in communities
  • Facilitate exchange between technological developers and policy makers

The project allows co-creation on an understandable level. The transnational exchange enables an approach from different perspectives.

ART-Forum involves local and regional authorities, transport providers, research institutions and influential NGOs. These people and organisations are dealing together with the challenges and developments of the different stats of ART → Think Tank

The consortium reflects and disseminates the results and thoughts among political decision makers and society on how to be proactive on ART policies that support sustainable mobility and spatial development goals → Reflection Group

ART-Forum: Diagram Workpackages