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Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for ART-Forum?

The division of Road and Traffic in the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning is responsible for the overall mobility planning in the Municipality. The Mobility Strategy was made in this division and a new Mobility Action Plan will soon be finalized. Both plans have included several other municipal departments and regional mobility actors in the development. The division of Traffic and Roads is also responsible for the project with driverless busses in the Eastern Part of Aalborg, which is started in the beginnin of March 2020. Also in this project, several other Municipal Departments and Regional Actors are involved in the planning and implementation of the project – including Centre of Mobility and Urban Studies at Aalborg University.

What is the main role in ART-Forum?

Aalborg’s role will focus on sharing knowledge and research results about the development and use of autonomous transport from a pilot project to be conducted in Aalborg in 2020-2021. The pilot is made with both privat and public partners.


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