Provincie Groningen

The Netherlands

Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for ART-Forum?

The province makes and implements policies on a variety of matters: from health care to the economy, from culture to county planning. The province works together with other organisations such as the municipalities, bureaus and businesses. three main tasks of the province are:

  • to grant authorisations
  • to provide funding means
  • to make policy The Province of Groningen has a special focus on smart mobility.

The province sees this theme as an opportuniy to improve the infrastructure, economy and overall quality of life in rural areas in Groningen. Therefore the province is investing in research, experiments and collaborations in smart mobility. Autonomous transport systems are an important part of the innovative solutions the province is testing.

What is the main role in ART-Forum?

Groningen’s role will focus on sharing knowledge about the development of autonomous transport on the road, rail, water and in the air from the pilots we are doing in the Northern Netherlands. Working together on a policy framework within Europe (or first the NSR) so this will be more or less the same in every country. Sharing knowledge about the first digital driver licence we are working on together with a number of other parties (Green Dino, RDW, CBR).

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