A.R.T. you ready?

Could autonomous vehicles help cities to tackle transport evils? Are automated vehicles part of the solution? The answers to these and other questions on the complex topic of automated road transport were elaborated and discussed during the project.
Detailed policy recommendations, reports and studies from the ART-Forum partners you can find here!


Automated Road Transport Forum for the North Sea Region (ART-Forum)

Output: WYCA_AV_Roadmap

Shared Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – Opportunities for West Yorkshire

Output: West_Yorkshire_ART-Forum_Report

The Future of Public Transport – Automated Vehicles as Part of the Solution? Situation Analysis

Output: SituationAnalysis_MZ

Preparing Communities for Automated Public Transport – Roadmap

Output: Roadmap_Preparing_Communities_for_Automated_Public_Transport

Machbarkeitsstudie zum hochautomatisierten Fahren im öffentlichen Straßenpersonennahverkehr (ÖPNV) in der Hansestadt Bremen

Output: Machbarkeitstudie_Bremen

Could Autonomous Vehicles Help Cities Tackle Transport Evils and Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable Mobility?

Output: Literature-Study_AAU

Pathway to Participation in Autonomous Transport City of Mechelen

Output: Eindrapport_ParticipatietrajectautonoomvervoerMechelen_EN

Conversion of services on A65 to CAV – Project Report (V1.0)

Output: DLR_Report_Leeds_cenario

Automated Vehicles and Vessels Roadmap for Orkney

Output: AV_Orkney_Roadmap

A Qualitative Study of a Trial with Driverless Shuttles in Aalborg East

Output: AAUQUA

A.R.T YOU READY? – Towards a society on which autonomous vehicles are deployed sustainably

Transport Policy – Automated shuttles and negotiation in motion – an inductive study of interactions with human road users

Output Transport Policy

Planning a ‘race for automation’? A Social Science approach to Automated Vehicle experiments in Europe

Output Planning a race for automation

Folding and Unfolding the Smart City – encounters, quirks and tics

Output Folding and Unfolding the smart City

Being there: capturing and conveying noisy slices of walking in the city

Output capturing and conveying noisy slices

Automated Vehicles and Valet Parking: The Game Changer for the future of residential areas?

Output Automated Valet Parking

Partner Summaries

Mobilizing a district with ART – meeting between place, humans and technology

Art-Forum: Logo Allborg Kommune

Transporting people and parcels autonomously on public roads

Output: Mechelen
Art-Forum: Logo Mechelen

From ART-Forum to Columbuss

Output: Groningen
Art-Forum: Logo Groningen

Digital regulation of the connected and automated vehicles of the future

Output: Bergen

Optimally Extending Public Transport with New AV-Serviced Routes

Output: Robert-Gordon-University
RGU Aberdeen

Can autonomous vehicles improve the quality of life? – A simulation study

Output: DLR TS

Designing future urban scenarios of autonomous mobility

Output: DLR TR

Preparing Public Transport for Autonomous Vehicles

Output: MobileZeiten
Art-Forum: Logo Mobile Zeiten

Automation offers more than driverless cars – short-term contribution to sustainable mobility

ART-Forum: Output Bremen
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If AVs are the solution, then what is the problem?

Output: Aalborg University
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The ART of students’ involvement in the (automated) future of mobility

Output: mpact

Involving citizens and experts in the debate about sustainable shared and autonomous mobility

Output: Autodelen